Dmitry Kiselev - polar historian, chinese translator

Dmitry Kiselev

Born in remote Kamchatka, Dmitry studied Chinese language and Chinese culture in the Far Eastern University in Vladivostok. Sinologist by profession, he is historian by his nature. Mitya started to travel in school years and is still looking to expand the geography of his trips. Dmitry's travel credo is to get closer to every new country, using the cheapest local transport or hitchhiking. He threw down many shoes on backpacker’s paths from Madrid to Saigon and from Amsterdam to Zanzibar. Known as travel-writer in Russia, Dmitry published several guidebooks and took part in the “Lonely Planet in Russian” project.

He is author of about 30 papers and books in history of military intelligence, naval and polar history. Mitya has also ship-modeling and diving among his hobbies. In 2012 Dmitry joined the Poseidon expedition team to explore North Pole and to dive (literally and mentally) in Arctic waters. On board of our ships he found a use for all of his interests. Now Dmitry is very much looking forward to our upcoming Arctic adventures!

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