Birgit Lutz - journalist & arctic adventure traveler

Birgit Lutz

Birgit, born 1974 in Bavaria / Germany, is an award-winning journalist and writer - and since a couple of years an arctic addicted adventurer. She studied journalism in Bamberg and Rome. She worked for various German journals and the German broadcasting service ZDF in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2000 she is editor for the biggest newspaper in Germany, the Suddeutsche Zeitung. Her passion for travelling and the fascination for Arctic history made her participate in a North Pole expedition aboard the nuclear Icebreaker Yamal in 2007, where she got infected with the arctic virus – the neverending passion for this region. She started specializing in arctic subjects, in 2008 she initiated „Circumpolar Studies“ at the Canadian University of the Arctic and became a member of the German Society of Polar Explorers. For living her arctic dream she became quite adventurous: In 2010 and 2011 she did two ski expeditions to the North Pole with the swiss adventurer Thomas Ulrich. In 2013 she crossed Greenland in a self-guided expedition of 560 km on skis. Birgit became then a Fellow of the Explorer's Club New York.

All over Germany and on board of ships she holds lectures and readings, accompanied by her stunning pictures - and she never gets tired of explaining why we should treat better the planet we live on. She published two books about her polar travels: "Unterwegs mit wilden Kerlen" and „Grenzerfahrung Gronland“. She lives and works at lake Schliersee in Bavaria, loves hiking, sitting beside the lake and planning new trips to the North.

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