Poseidon Expeditions Announces 2016 Season for North Pole Voyages aboard Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker

March 12, 2015, Providence, RI, USA

Poseidon Expeditions today announced new departure dates and rates for three 2016 icebreaker voyages to the North Pole. The 14-day/13-night polar expeditions will be aboard the 128-passenger, nuclear-powered 50 Years of Victory.

The company will operate three trips to 90º North – the geographic North Pole – at the height of the summer season: July 10, July 21 and August 1, 2016. The programs also include the islands and archipelagos of Franz Josef Land, an infrequently visited region that is rich in polar wildlife and stark landscapes in the Russian High Arctic. Rates range from US$26,995 per person for Standard Stateroom to US$41,995 for the Arktika Suite.

Nikolay Saveliev, the president of Poseidon Expeditions, made the announcement. “We are pleased that our partner in this venture – the vessel’s owner, Atomflot – has decided to continue making this unique vessel available to tourism with departures in 2016 and beyond. Fortunately, Atomflot’s earlier plans that summer 2015 would be 50 Years of Victory’s swan song insofar as carrying passengers to the North Pole did not materialize.

“The beneficiaries are the many intrepid travelers who haven’t yet had the opportunity to stand on Arctic Ocean sea ice at the literal top of the world, to explore Franz Josef Land and to experience traveling aboard an incredibly powerful ship that can crush ice up to three meters thick,” he added.

Since 2001, Poseidon Expeditions has been a leader in making the North Pole icebreaker program commercially available to travelers, operating 29 voyages and carrying more than 2,750 passengers to date aboard the nuclear-powered Yamal and 50 Years of Victory to 90º North.

Summer 2016 will be the ninth consecutive year of tourism operation for 50 Years of Victory, which is otherwise employed during the year in assisting cargo and research vessels access hard-to-reach areas in the Russian High Arctic and along the Northern Sea Route between the Pacific Ocean and Northern Europe. Last October, Poseidon announced that passenger voyages to the North Pole would continue through Summer 2018.

In addition to the newly announced 2016 voyages, limited space aboard departures scheduled for the current Arctic summer season is still available for reservations: July 19, July 30 and August 10, 2015. Per person rates start at US$25,995 for the 2015 season.

Passengers conveniently begin and end their North Pole adventure with overnight stays at a deluxe hotel in Helsinki, Finland. Charter round-trip flights then take the travelers to Murmansk – headquarters for the Russian icebreaker fleet – where they embark 50 Years of Victory and begin their journey. All departures feature a series of informative presentations by the expedition staff, excursions onto the sea ice and ashore via Zodiac landing craft in Franz Josef Land, helicopter flightseeing, and other special activities.

First and foremost a working vessel, the 525-foot 50 Years of Victory nevertheless accommodates its guests in comfortable staterooms, all with private facilities and exterior views. Public spaces include a dining room; an aft salon for lectures, presentations and socializing; a bow-facing bar and lounge; library and lounge; plus a gym, two saunas and swimming pool with heated seawater. The ship has a clinic and physician.

With offices in the US, Germany UK, Russia, China and Japan, Poseidon Expeditions is a leading provider of polar expeditions in the cruise industry. In addition to offering North Pole cruises aboard 50 Years of Victory, the company provides guests with the unique opportunity to travel to the Arctic and Antarctica aboard the 116-passenger luxury expedition vessel Sea Sprit. A variety of polar itineraries are available.

Full details for the North Pole voyages and other polar cruise adventures can be found on the Poseidon Expeditions website: poseidonexpeditions.com

For US and Canadian reservations, agents can contact the company’s director of US sales, Steve Wellmeier at swellmeier@poseidonexpeditions.com or by calling +1-347-267-7022.

In the UK, contact Alexandra Prokopyeva at sales@poseidonexpeditions.com or by calling +44-870-068-9142

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, contact Dagmar Buenning at dagmar@poseidonexpeditions.com or by calling +49-40-7566-8555.

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